Junior Speaking Challenge (2 tto)

We had to do a speech for English with the theme ‘simply speechless’ and the person with the best speech could represent our class at the speaking contest in a school called: Wolfert van Borselen. Julia won with her speech about love. On the 2nd of February, we went to Wolfert van Borselen in Rotterdam to support Julia together with Mr. Heijdra. We left school at 13:15. Once we came there, we sat down in the room, and the speaking contest began at 14:30. First there were eleven 2nd graders, including Julia. She was the 6th person to do a speech. Her speech was great. She had a big applause when she was done. The jury judged the speeches by the speech itself and how you answered the questions afterwards. Unfortunately, Julia didn’t win, but she still did very good. There were also ten 3rd graders. When they were done, we waited for the results, and after that, we went back home. It was a nice experience.

Isabeau & Noa, 26-3