Famun, Muna, Mini-Mun

Two weeks before Spring Break six students of 46-1, 46-2 and 46-3 went to Het Farel College in Amersfoort to participate in FAMUN 2017. In this educational simulation of the UN students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the UN resolutions through the participation in various debates. Every student is assigned a country or a capital city and from the perspective of their respective country or city, the student has to tackle the concerns of today’s world, e.g. tackling government corruption worldwide, ending the South China Sea Islands disputes or preventing terrorist attacks during large-scale celebrations. FA is from Farel. But this year also five students of 46-3 went to Het Alfrink College in Zoetermeer to participate in MUNA 2017. A is from Alfrink. Our principal Hans Timmermans worked at this school and that is why De Ring van Putten was invited to participate in Zoetermeer too.

On the first day our students attended the Opening Ceremony in the big hall or, as was the case in Amersfoort, in a church. In both places the schools had invited unique keynote speakers. Our students had already got acquainted with their committee-colleagues just before this ceremony. They were dressed appropriately, all boys in a suit and tie, and all girls wearing a skirt or being dressed for the event. They looked fabulously.

The next day they spent a lot of time debating resolutions. This was not easy. In the evening of the second day both schools had organised some very cool dancing parties. On the third day our students had to debate again about the content of certain resolutions. The last day ended, however, with huge Closing Ceremonies. There were short movies starring all participating delegates.

Once back in Spijkenisse I asked our students what they liked about FAMUN/ MUNA. They answered: “The fact that all was really serious and not a joke. Actually I liked almost everything about it.” Others said: “The fact that you could meet amazing people and can stay in contact with them.” Or: “I learned more about politics. It was interesting and I liked to learn how to debate in a formal way.” And when I asked our students a second question: Do you want to help De Ring van Putten to organise a MINI-MUN in the near future”, they answered: “I would really like to do this because I love these type of things and I think I am very suitable for this because of my mentality.” Or they said: “Yes, it seems like a great experience, great idea, I think that would be a lot of fun,” or “Yes, but I want to be Secretary General.” Last week a group of teachers met to talk about this proposition. They decided that there should be a MUN of De Ring van Putten itself within a few years. We will keep you informed.

As for me, being a MUN Director, it was a busy time bringing the students to and fro by car and helping them to understand the ins and outs of such an event, while teaching in Spijkenisse in between. Not only Hans Timmermans was present but also Borchert Brouwer and Raymond Wittenberg visited this year’s MUNs. In Amersfoort Annemieke Goelema stayed for a long while, in fact for two nights and two days. She did a great job accompanying our cubs! In Zoetermeer I was very much helped by Gizem Koç and Alexander Becker. Thank you all, including our students, for having shown such enthusiasm, stamina and being good company.

Kind regards,
Mrs. Drs. A.M. van der Burg